Our Competitive Advantage

Our Competitive Advantage

Coral Gables Trust

Coral Gables Trust is active and in good standing with both the State of Florida Office of Corporations and the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. Also please note that Coral Gables Trust utilizes a corporate custodian. This custodian is one of the largest, best known and most highly regarded corporate custodians in the business.  In other words your investment holdings managed by Coral Gables Trust will be held in your name on the custodian's custody platform. This should give your organization a very strong sense of security with respect to your investment holdings.

To view, download and print additional information regarding Coral Gables Trust's Safety, Procedure and Oversight, click here.

Our Advantages

Independent Fiduciary

Coral Gables Trust is free of any obligation to promote or select proprietary mutual funds or investment products.

Instead, we make recommendations tailored to your risk profile, based on our own rigorous research and screening of investment fund managers.

Attentive & Proactive

As financial advisors, we communicate regularly with you using preferred means— in person, with email, via telephone, and in writing (personal letters addressed to you.)

At Coral Gables Trust you have direct-line access to our leadership and senior management. No call centers. No intermediate advisor. Just superb client relations.

Scheduled communications on your terms include:
• Quarterly investment reviews
• Our investment team private visit
• Private calls on market updates
• Periodic informative newsletters

"Open Architecture"
- A sign of the times.

While rate of return is important,  Coral Gables Trust emphasizes other factors for the protection of your wealth and responsible investing such as; risk profile, fees, and staff turnover.

For this reason, we screen the top institutional managers around the world to continue protecting and growing your wealth and trust investments with an appropriate risk/reward balance.


Fort Lauderdale

401 E. Las Olas Blvd, Suite 1400
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
T 954.707.6899 F 954.400.5892
(Toll Free) 1.855.768.7878

West Palm Beach

500 South Australian Ave., Suite 620
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
T 561.820.4844 F 561.300.8592
(Toll Free) 1.855.768.7878