Local and independently owned wealth management company
Full array of investment and trust services
We work with affluent and high net worth individuals, families and institutions
Our board is comparable to that of a Fortune 500 company
Highly experienced private client wealth advisors
Outstanding client-centric service
Competitive asset-based fee schedule (not commissioned)


Trust and Estate Management


Efficient servicing and administering your financial needs is crucial to our Coral Gables Trust leadership and management team.

Coral Gables Trust first listens, then offers thoughtful advice on matters ranging from trust planning and administration through asset protection strategies for the long run.
We can help you plan smartly for your legacy.


     Investment Management


Coral Gables Trust has two objectives: Safe preservation of your capital and continuing growth of core investments.
We work with you to select, create and implement the appropriate wealth planning and asset allocation strategies, while providing tax planning support services.
Coral Gables Trust's premier senior officers collaborate with you and other advisors to integrate all aspects of your wealth management and estate plan.
In short, we provide all the strategic advice needed to equip you for challenging times.

           Directed Trusts and
          Special Needs Trusts

Directed Trusts - Coral Gables Trust allows the creator of a trust to direct them to follow the investment selections of an outside advisor. This business model permits control over the assets & the revenue they generate to remain with the Financial Advisor. CGTC has the responsibility to administer the trust. 

CGTC and the Financial Advisor are focused on what each does best and the interests of our mutual clients are better served by this business model.

Special Needs Trusts - We provide protection, security and comfort through careful review of our client's needs in coordination with government benefits.

Our professionas are trained in the requirements and responsibilities for Special Needs Trust administration and understand the importance of being fully accessible to provide quality personal assistance to our clients.