Coral Gables Trust administers estates, personal, charitable, institutional, and special needs trusts, investment management, custodial and escrow accounts and guardianship. Administration and oversight can prove highly complex, thereby requiring experience and deep subject matter expertise, characteristics which are well represented by the firm's Trust Administration Committee (the “TAC”). The TAC is responsible for the oversight, review and monitoring of all Trust relationship approvals, issues and matters. To view Coral Gables Trust members in the Trust Administration Committee (the 'TAC"), please click here.

Investment oversight
Custody assets
Collection and valuation of assets
Bill paying and record-keeping
Provide tax information
Review and analyze wills, trusts, and financial plans
Determine distribution strategies that take into consideration the terms of the agreement, wishes of the grantor, and the needs of the beneficiaries
Provide regular feedback to beneficiaries and their advisors
Respond to client calls in a timely manner

Please note that Coral Gables Trust is active and in good standing with both the State of Florida Office of Corporations and the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. Also, please note that Coral Gables Trust utilizes a world-class corporate custodian. The custodian is one of the largest, best-known and most highly regarded corporate custodians in the business. In other words, your investment holdings managed by Coral Gables Trust will be held in your name on the custodian’s custody platform. This should give your organization a very strong sense of security with respect to your investment holdings.

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About Coral Gables Trust and SNTs

Coral Gables Trust's professionals have a wealth of experience in administering Special Needs Trusts.

We provide protection, security and comfort through careful review of our client's needs in coordination with government benefits.

We provide the benefit of professional investment management and experience SNT administrators.

Our staff is trained in the requirements and responsibilities for Special Needs Trust administration and understands the importance being fully accessible to provide personal assistance in handling client's questions and concerns.

Our officers are available wherever and whenever needed to guide our client through all important considerations.

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Settlement Protection Trust

A Settlement Protection Trust (SPT) provides clients a safe, protected account for their settlement proceeds. An SPT can provide regular periodic payments to the recipient of a settlement while maintaining the flexibility of having the money available for medical expenses, college costs or other unforeseen needs. Like a structure settlement annuity, this trust provides spendthrift protection — a necessity in many situations.

The trust is set up with Coral Gables Trust Company as trustee to be adaptable to the changing needs of injury victims. SPTs are ideal for clients who need the security and simplicity of monthly payments, the opportunity for growth, and liquidity for future contingencies. These trusts can be used in combination with a structured settlement annuity to provide and work in concert with a more comprehensive overall financial plan.
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Utilize Coral Gables Trust Services While Maintaining Control of Your Client's Assets

Why a Directed Trust with Coral Gables Trust serving as Trustee?

Generally, financial institutions acting as trustees retain full authority over both the way trust assets were used to care for beneficiaries and the way those assets are invested. Since many trust companies require that the assets be managed by them, this effectively puts financial advisors in the position of having to give up control of a portion or all of their client's assets. Coral Gables Trust, however, allows the creators of a trust to direct the trust company to follow the investment choices of an outside advisor. In these arrangements, control over the assets (and the investment fees they generate) remain with the advisor. Coral Gables Trust has the responsibility to administer the trust. Since we do not have the duty to select the investments, we significantly reduce our fee. The combined fees are generally equal to or less overall than a "full service Trustee" may charge. With both Coral Gables Trust and the investment advisor free to do what they do best, the interests of our mutual client are better served. In Trust where the investment management is delegated to another entity, such as a RIA, Coral Gables Trust Company will perform varying degrees of due diligence. We offer this trust solution so the client receives "two professionals for the price of one." To learn more about Directed Trusts and to view and download the presentation, click here.