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An individual’s residence and domicile are often narrowly perceived as the same; therefore, potentially missing out on tremendous tax benefits.  A significant aspect of the estate administration process is your domicile at the time of your demise, not where you were residing.  While you can have multiple residences in various states, you can only have one domicile.  Essentially, a domicile is a combination of two factors, the first is residency, and the second, an intent to remain for the foreseeable future.  Clients often look to establish residency in a jurisdiction with an attractive legislation for estate planning purposes.  Suffice it to say, Florida is considered a tax sanctuary fueled by its superior asset protection climate.  Currently, there are seventeen states that will impose either an estate or inheritance tax for estates that exceed a certain threshold.  Individuals located in these states with a considerable taxable estate could be required to pay...
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