When was the last time you reviewed your Estate Plan?  

Even if you have a sound estate plan in place, it canbe worthless for the people you love ifnot regularly reviewed nor kept up to date.  Most people believe their estate plan is done when they sign a will, trust, power of attorney or a living will, but estate planning is a lifelong process.  Your life will inevitably evolve as changes to laws, assets, family, and goals happen.  In absence of any major life events, we recommend reviewing your estate plan annually to ensure it is current and still reflects your desires.

These are the four questions that you should ask yourself during an Estate Checkup.

Has your family or household changed?  




Have you relocated to a new state?

Have your assets changed?

Tax and estate planning law changes can vastly affect your estate plan.  A rule of thumb is to review your estate plan with an estate planning attorney every five years, even if you do not think it needs to be updated.      

We at Coral Gables stand apart by developing relationships with you and your family that lasts not only for your lifetime, but the lifetime of your children.  Furthermore, we are here to serve your entire family. We enjoy getting to know your family members and including them in the planning process, which allows the whole family to be informed on your latest planning strategies and why you made these decisions.  Ultimately, with family members being well versed on your plan will not only reduce any potential conflict, but they will know exactly where they stand or what they need to do if something were to happen to you.  As always, we welcome the opportunity to review your investment portfolio and estate planning documents.