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Directed Trusts Services

Directed Trusts Services


Financial institutions that serve as a corporate trustee generally require that they retain full authority over the investment of the assets and their deployment for the support of the trust beneficiary. Most trust companies require that they hold and manage the assets. This requirement effectively means that the Financial Advisor loses control of this portion, or often all, of their client's assets.

Coral Gables Trust Company allows the creator of a trust to direct them to follow the investment selections of an outside advisor. This business model permits control over the assets and the revenue they generate to remain with the Financial Advisor. Coral Gables Trust Company has the responsibility to administer the trust. Since we do not select the investments we are able to significantly reduce our fee. The combined trust administration and investment fees are often less than the fees charged by a "full service trustee."

Coral Gables Trust Company and the Financial Advisor are focused on what each does best and the interests of our mutual clients are better served by this business model.


  • Grantor appoints the Financial Advisor under the controlling document, thus assuring that the primary client relationship remains with the advisor, not the trust company.
  • The Financial Advisor is charged with all investment duties and is held responsible for the investment performance.
  • This eliminates the trustee's duty to supervise specific investments and therefore divides the responsibilities.
  • Coral Gables Trust Company is charged with all trust administration duties and held responsible for their proper execution.
  • Directed trusts easily accommodate multiple fiduciaries and non-fiduciary appointments like trust protectors.


Non-discretionary tasks:

These include making periodic income payments as agreed by the beneficiary and the trustee. Trustees must also pay out principal as set forth in the trust agreement and attend to all other matters instructed by the trust.
Discretionary tasks:

The trustee's fiduciary duty may require it to exercise its judgment on a variety of matters. Language in the document often permits principal to be distributed for the maintenance and support of a beneficiary. The trustee may have to consider other sources of income available to the beneficiary as well as the potential future needs of the next generation. 

Financial Advisors often view the corporate trustee as performing a “back office” function and is therefore less important when the relationship is running smoothly. However, trust administration is critical and may be of primary importance to the grantor.
High net worth individuals often state that their chief concern is for proper, attentive care for their family. These clients have often worked with their investment advisors for years, while the process of trust administration is outside of their experience.
Coral Gables Trust Company’s business model assures continuity of the relationship with the Financial Advisor which is partnered with a professional team of trust officers.
Investment and related products are: Not Insured by the FDIC, the United States Government or any Governmental Agency or by Coral Gables Trust Company or any of its affiliates. Not obligations of the Trust Company or guaranteed by the Trust Company. Subject to Investment risk and may lose value.

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