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Trusts & Estate Planning Services

Trusts & Estate Planning Services

Coral Gables Trust Company acts as the investment advisor, trust administrator, corporate trustee, co-trustee and agent of trustee. Our team ensures safekeeping of all trust assets and conscientiously performs the trust administration duties outlined in the trust documents, such as: discretionary distributions, tax reporting, bill paying, and record reporting.

Administration and oversight of trusts can prove highly complex thereby requiring experience and deep subject matter expertise, characteristics which are well represented by the firm's Trust Administrative Commitee. Our TAC is responsible for the oversight, review and monitoring of all trust and investment management relationship approvals and issues.  

  • Revocable Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Institutional Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Agent for Trustee
  • Directed Trusts
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Life Insurance Trusts

Coral Gables Trust Company has a highly-experienced team of professionals who provide a full array of trust and investment services. Our professionals include attorneys, accountants, and financial planners.

We work closely with our clients, their families, and professional advisors to build a plan that meets their specific objectives. We administer trusts and estates in a manner that ensures that the objectives of our clients are carried out. 

We have the ability to manage trusts that are designed for tax, asset protection, special needs and a variety of other purposes. We assist families by determining cash flow requirements and having funds available to meet them.

We assist in the preparation of tax returns and provide management and/or oversight of all types of assets, including real estate. 


We utilize the services of nationally recognized custodians.
  • Securities Safekeeping
  • Income collection from securities
  • Settlement of securities trades as directed
  • Payment of funds when directed
  • Timely statement delivery
  • Custody of alternative investments

  • Retirement
  • Escrow
  • Estate Settlement
  • Oversight

By retaining the services of Coral Gables Trust Company, clients receive the benefit of having access to trust experts who deliver comprehensive, local, independent, high-level, flexible, & responsive service.


Local: Face-to-face client service. Clients have direct access to our trust management team. No call centers. 

Independent: Clients receive the benefit of an institution that is devoted solely to providing trust and wealth management service. Coral Gables Trust company is free of any obligation to promote proprietary products.

High-Level: Clients have access to talented, highly trained, and experienced trust professionals.

Flexible: Clients receive the benefit of creative solutions to achieve the objectives of their trust and their individual needs.

Accessible: We respond to clients' needs in a timely manner. Each of our administrative staff has backup in their absence.

Investment and related products are: Not Insured by the FDIC, the United States Government or any Governmental Agency or by Coral Gables Trust Company or any of its affiliates. Not obligations of the Trust Company or guaranteed by the Trust Company. Subject to Investment risk and may lose value.

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